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Table of Contents

  1. Welcome to the C-SAP mini-site!
  2. Introducing the theme of the mini-site - domestic violence
  3. What do you already know about domestic violence? Try this quiz to find out...
  4. Surprised by some of the answers to the quiz? Here's an opportunity to find out more about domestic violence...
  5. Now you know more about domestic violence, what about volunteering in this field while you're at university? Why not consider working on a domestic violence helpline...
  6. Want to know more about how you might volunteer in the field of domestic violence? Read Damian's account here...
  7. More on volunteering in the field of domestic violence while you're at university... Why not consider outreach work with young people?
  8. So what's it like volunteering in outreach work? Here's an interview with Kirsty, who volunteers for Safe and Sound; and a piece by Lesley, who worked with women and girls involved in prostitution...
  9. A link to a key way of finding volunteering opportunities near where you're located...
  10. Counselling: spotlighting a career route you might take after volunteering in the field of domestic violence and starting to study for postgraduate counselling qualifications...
  11. Real-life case studies of careers that might develop from volunteering in the field of domestic violence or related areas...
  12. Emily's experiences of working part-time while a Sociology student
  13. Doing outreach work with children - A discussion of work done at Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum
  14. Being a Service Manager for Refuge and Children's Services - BA (Hons) Social and Cultural Studies graduate, Jennifer, talks about her career
  15. Joining the Police - An interview with Tracy, a Chief Inspector
  16. Being a Training Officer - Diane talks about her work at Safe and Sound, Derby
  17. Working for an Offender Learning and Skills Service Project - An interview with Katie, who has a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Criminology and is currently studying for an MA in Criminology
  18. From Nursing to Counselling, via the Prison Service - Daphne talks about her career
  19. Managing a Voluntary Sector Organisation - Yasmin talks about her role at Derby Women's Centre
  20. Called to the Bar - An interview with Georgina, a Barrister
  21. Working as a Journalist - An interview with James, a Deputy Editor of a national newspaper
  22. Teaching as a Career - An interview with Christina, who has a BA (Hons) Politics and a PGCE in English and Citizenship, and is now a Head-Teacher
  23. Getting Elected as a Local Councillor - An interview with Stephanie, who did Combined Honours in Sociology and English and has an MA in Gender Studies
  24. Getting Elected as an MP - An interview with Sally Keeble MP, who has a degree in Sociology
  25. A link to a key careers website...
  26. If the material in this mini-site has affected you, here are organisations that can offer help
  27. Conditions of use

Welcome to the C-SAP mini-site!

This C-SAP mini-site looks at volunteering and careers for sociology and politics undergraduates It will also be relevant to you if you are studying criminology, women's studies, social work, youth and community work, health and/or education.

A note for lecturers and practitioners:

The mini-site is addressed to students, but it will also be useful to you. The material might work alongside face-to-face sessions or be used for e-learning.

Photo: a male perpetrator of domestic violence

The theme of the mini-site is domestic violence.

This theme was chosen as sociology and politics degrees involve studying areas of equality and diversity, and students are frequently interested in volunteering and pursuing careers where they feel that they might make a difference to people's lives.

Even if domestic violence isn't currently one of your interests, the material in this site offers ways of starting to think about volunteering at university, and careers after graduation.

The mini-site has been built with Wimba Create, so it's easy to navigate via the index on the left to whatever you want to look at. You can work through the whole site or dip into sections.

The Project Directors for the mini-site are Deborah Lee, a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Nottingham Trent University, who, at the time this project was undertaken, was a Trustee at Derby Women's Centre; and Chris Moore, Dean of Social Sciences at the University of Northampton.

Photo: Deborah Lee Photo: Chris Moore
© Emma Wishart, 2009

Michael Keenan, a Lecturer in Sociology at Nottingham Trent University, was also involved in developing the initial proposal for the project. Along with Andy Coppins, Volunteering Manager at Nottingham Trent University, Michael evaluated the developing mini-site.

The Project Directors acknowledge kind assistance from staff at C-SAP, Darren Marsh, Joyce Canaan and Helen Howard; from the Educational Development Unit at Nottingham Trent University, particularly Barry Gregory; and from Colleen McNeil-Walsh and Nick Sage at the University of Northampton.

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Transcript of Introduction Video (PDF document)

University of Northampton students took part in focus groups to help determine the content of the mini-site and to highlight the skills they thought it particularly important to focus upon. They are: Stuart Procter, Isabella De Matos, Jennifer Shipley, Charlotte Roswell, Adelle Venn, Zoe Poole, Anne Anderson, Alison Shearer, Sarah Wilkie, Sophie Bawa, Chris Billows, Robert Walker, Lauren Frayne, and Millicent Brown. Two Nottingham Trent University Politics students - who prefer to remain anonymous - also contributed their views to the project.

The mini-site has been developed in close collaboration with voluntary sector organisations: Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum, Derby Women's Centre, and Safe and Sound, Derby.

Filming for the mini-site was undertaken by Martin Dale from Nottingham Trent University and editing was by Ben Sigsworth and Martin Dale. Except where indicated, all photographs are © Debbie Whitmore, 2009. Many of the photographs were posed by actors.

Emily, a BA (Hons) Sociology graduate, has recorded a video introduction [3 minutes] explaining exactly what you'll find in this site. Emily also talks about her experiences of working for Victim Support while a student later in the site.

We all hope you find this mini-site interesting and useful!

On the next page you can start to consider what counts as domestic violence and how you might volunteer and pursue careers in the field of domestic violence...

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